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White Heather

Each floor presents a different ambience for you to experience a relaxed wake up

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The interior design of MEU HOTEL Porto Gandra was designed to provide maximum comfort in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. The hotel's concept was inspired by the name GANDRA, which means “White Heather Stick”. The floors are divided into colors that represent nature. MY HOTEL Porto Gandra guarantees a unique experience of “city and countryside in harmony”!

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Lavanda Bar

The Lavanda Bar is the perfect meeting point for guests. A pleasant space to enjoy coffee, teas, juices, drinks, toasts and “homemade” cakes in the company of family, friends or business partners. At the counter or on the terrace, the choice is yours!

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Nature entered the hotel with its simplicity, which allowed us to use nature's tones and textures. The use of wood in its natural state, but at the same time, reflects an urban touch of contemporary sophistication, through colors and shapes. Know the different typologies.


A Route that invites you to visit places full of history, full of knowledge and flavors.

Porto Gandra

The Hotel is located 25 minutes from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (OPO) and 10 minutes from the city center of Porto.